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About Market Compass, LLC:

After working on Wall Street for 15 years, Amelia Bourdeau wanted to break from that traditional industry. Market Compass is the result and uses a combination of Bourdeau’s experiences and skills acquired both inside Wall Street and outside of it to help investors at every level learn about financial markets, understand the market environment, and identify actionable trade opportunities.

Market Compass uses rigorous data analysis, industry experience, price movement watching, investigative journalism research techniques, and news synthesis across many sources to form its macroeconomic views.

There is no box – think large, learn more. The world is a vast, connected place with many opportunities. Let Market Compass help you navigate.

About the Founder, Amelia Bourdeau:

Amelia Bourdeau has 15 years of financial market experience, with a strong background in macroeconomics, foreign exchange sales and trading, and international event risk.

Bourdeau started her career at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C., as an analyst in the International Finance Division. She continued her career at Deutsche Bank in NYC for a number of years, working as a US economist, Head Canada economist, and as a Foreign Exchange Strategist. Bourdeau then transitioned to the buy-side, working at two global macro hedge funds as the Head of Strategy. Bourdeau then became the Head of North American Foreign Exchange Strategy at UBS, which, at the time, was one of the world’s largest foreign exchange trading banks. She was a member of the UBS Commodity Research Board. Post-UBS, Bourdeau worked in Senior Foreign Exchange Hedge Fund and Institutional Sales positions at Westpac Bank and UniCredit AG Bank.

Throughout her career, Bourdeau has advised some of the world’s largest hedge funds, US institutional funds, US corporates, and global private wealth family offices on foreign exchange, macroeconomic trading, and event risk.

Bourdeau was a contributor on CNBC for three years and an expert on the weekly CNBC show Money In Motion, which was shown in the US, Europe, and Asia. Bourdeau continues to commentate for various broadcast networks. She has been a featured speaker at foreign exchange conferences and has participated in various professional macroeconomic meetings around the world.

Bourdeau has a M.S. degree in Journalism from Columbia University.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science with honors from Amherst College.