Market Compass offers customized services to suit the needs of hedge funds, institutional funds, corporates, private wealth clients, and government entities:

      • Market Compass takes on independent, in-depth research projects utilizing analytical, economic, market-based knowledge, and investigative journalism techniques.
      • Market Compass offers customized market strategy focused on actionable trading and investment opportunities.
      • Market Compass advises and educates clients about international event risks.

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Trading Coach

Work with me one-on-one to improve your understanding of markets and ability to generate trade ideas.

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Expert Broadcast Commentary

Do you need a financial markets expert for an individual spot or on a regular basis?   I can deliver timely, pointed, and understandable commentary.

I was a broadcast contributor on CNBC for four years. In addition, I had my own weekly show on CNBC called Money in Motion.  It aired live from the NASDAQ and ran for two years. 

I have a masters degree in Journalism with a concentration in broadcast journalism from Columbia University. 

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Check out my reel below:

Retail Investor Subscriptions

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